Heat Resistance

Metal material which stand high temperature use.
This is what required in high intense heat industries who are making remarkable innovation, especially by iron mill.
Responding such requirement we have develop many ultra heat resistant materials based on our experience and technologies in many years.
(Characteristics of wear resistant, oxidation resistant, corrosive resistant, creep strength, high rigidity and thermal shock resistance.)

High performance heat resistant steel

PSMT26 Ni based high corrosive resistant material(~1100℃)
R40 High wear resistant steel (~1100℃)
R312 High wear resistant steel (~1200℃)
R262 High wear resistant steel (~900℃)
NWA15 High oxidation resistant steel (~1000℃)
NWA13改 High oxidation resistant steel (~1100℃)
NAX-TR High temperature high strength steel (~1100℃)

Heat and wear resistant steel

G High temperature wear resistant steel (~900℃)
HP3 High temperature oxidation resistant steel
HP10 Thermal resistant steel equivalent to SCH12
HP12 Thermal resistant steel equivalent to SCJ13
HP22 Thermal resistant steel equivalent to SCH22

Tensile strngth at 1000℃ (reference data)

Grade Composition Tensile strength (MPa) Elongation (%) Reduction of Area (%) Application
PSMT-26 Ni base 123 41 50 Glass fiber manufacturing parts
R-40 Fe base 66 10 16 Heating furnace hot zone (1200℃) Skid rails
R-312 Fe base 50 69 70
JIS standard product【SUS310S】 Fe base 46 109 68 Heating furnace material and equipment etc.

Product (Material) Catalog

  • Stainless Invar
  • RappingPlate (Tin Alloy Plate)