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Responding Customer Needs with Developing Special Alloy.

World Leading Manufacturer of Low Thermal Expansion Alloy.

President and CEOTadashi Naruse

We started our business since 1949 at Kawagoe-shi, Saitama-ken as manufacturing of special steel.
We have developed on new alloy material to respond with our customer needs. As a proposal oriented special steel alloy manufacturer, we believe we could make contribution to support fundation of Japanese manufacturers.

As of October 1, 2021, we have changed our company name from Shinhokoku Steel Corporation to Shinhokoku Material Corp. Based on our corporate history, we are aiming further leap of our company. We would appreciate your kind support for us.

We have worked for development and manufacturing of Zero and Low thermal expansion alloy (Invariable alloy) as a top maker in this field.
Developed low thermal expansion cast and forged alloy (Super invar, Free cutting property invar, and High young’s modulus zero expansion invar) is used for the core parts of semiconductor and FPD (LCD and OLED) making equipment and precision lapping plate for various wafer which require nano level dimensional control. Also we have developed breakthrough zero expansion invar alloy with no tissue transformation even at cryogenic (-269℃) and making contribution to space development business of JAXA and etc.

Our accumulated technology for heat and abrasion resistant cast steel since beginning is used for piercing plug of high-end world class seamless pipe for oil drilling and these plugs have been supplied to most of Japanese major steel makers .
Those products using our accumulated technologies of heat abrasion resistance cast steel parts are also supplied to bio mass boiler makers and garbage incinerator makers. We have made further development of Chlorine corrosion resistant alloy namely “EGNIS” series of product which gives longer life of above.

The fundamental of proposal oriented alloy maker is based on our own productive R&D division.
Our R&D has ultra-high precision thermal expansion measuring device, 30kgs vacuum furnace, SEM(Scanning Electron Microscope) which can evaluate material property and observe metallographic structure , these have been contributed to our new alloy development, joint development with our customers and also collaboration with institute or university to develop new alloys and high functionality of existing alloys. Our many researchers are trying their best for these activities in daily basis.

Based on our R&D activities, backed up with thorough craftsmanship main production is made at our Mie plant. We have 6 furnaces with 4 power supply (6t, 3t, 2t, 1t x 3, 700kgs), and 100kgs high frequency furnaces for test melting. So we have totally 5t molten metal product capacity at our Mie plant.
Refining technology which has been cultivated in long years so that no follower allow and also accumulated casting method and adding to these, casting simulation is now available which made us possible further up grading of our quality, shorter lead time and also cost reduction. By utilizing neighbor such as machining, surface treatment as our cooperative companies with tight collaboration, we could establish position of comprehensive metal manufacturer.

Headquarters in Saitama, has R&D, Sales, Administration and Material Fabrication Divisions. Based on R&D development result, Material Fabrication Division utilize domestic and overseas net-work cultivated in many years through our technical guidance for various Zero and Low thermal expansion cast and forged alloy (Invariable alloy), special rolling stocks, wire drawing material, special cast iron, small roll for steel pipe production, tin plate for sapphire substrate polishing, cupper plate and titanium rod by centerless grinding machining.

Recently development of Metal 3D lamination technology is made and we have supplied experimental products to our customers and received good responses.

Further development of 3D technology with invar alloy, light alloy such as aluminum and composite material such as ceramics and metal will be established.

Based on our core strength of special steel, we will try our best to comply with our customer’s needs even in niche area of entire metallic material as a professional in this field.

October 1, 2021



Headquarters : 5-13-1 Arajuku-machi, Kawagoe, Saitama, Japan,
Tel +81-49-242-1950
Mie plant
835-1 Takamatsu,Kawagoe-cho, Mie-gun, Mie, Japan
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