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Responding Customer Needs with Developing Special Alloy.

World Leading Manufacturer of Low Thermal Expansion Alloy.

1939 Established by former Santoku Corporation as its Kawagoe Plant for manufacturing special steel.
1949 Changed company name to Shin-Santoku Corporation following to the Corporate Revitalizing Act. as No.2 plant of former Santoku Corp.
1949 Changed company name to Shinhokoku Steel Corporation
after equal joint with Hokoku Steel Co., Ltd.
1955 Sold Toyama plant and made Kawagoe plant as
its main plant of casting and rolling of steel.
1963 Listed on over-the-counter, OTC.
2000 Established Yamamoto Heavy Industries
Corporation as consolidated affiliates.
2004 Listed on JASDAQ Standard.
2009 Started reorganization of Shinhokoku Steel Group and
Integrated production base to Yamamoto Heavy Industries Corporation.
2010 Merged Yamamoto Heavy Industries Corporation as Shinhokoku Steel Corporation’s 100% owned subsidiary.
2011 Changed the name of the company to Shinhokoku Steel Mie Corporation from Yamato Heavy Industry Corporation.
2015 Started centerless grinding business.
2017 Merged Shinhokoku Steel Mie Corporation.
2021 Changed the name of the company to Shinhokoku Material Corp. from Shinhokoku Steel Corporation.
2022 Changed listing market to Standard Market of Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2022 from JASDAQ, due to reorganization of Tokyo Exchange Market.



Headquarters : 5-13-1 Arajuku-machi, Kawagoe, Saitama, Japan,
Tel +81-49-242-1950
Mie plant
835-1 Takamatsu,Kawagoe-cho, Mie-gun, Mie, Japan
Tel +81-59-363-2313

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