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Quality Policies


Shinhokoku Material Corp. develop and manufacture metal product which contribute to human life and culture. We should strictly execute our Quality Policies to become company who respect our Management Principles.

Quality Policies

  • 1 Responding customer needs and expectation, we try our best to contribute development of industry and society through offering high quality and functional product.
  • 2 We will try our best to make upgrading customer’s satisfaction based on our top management policies.
  • 3 We strictly follow and utilize our Quality Management System to comply and fulfill customer’s requirement, law and regulations and also even person concerned.
  • 4 All of us try our best to maintain and upgrade of effectiveness of our Quality Management System and also quality, cost and delivery (QCD).
  • 5 We review our Quality Policies periodically to keep its suitability.

January 1, 2017
President and CEO Tadashi Naruse



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