Responding trend of times, required quality level become severe and severe. We have established strict quality control (or assurance) structure by not only dimension measurement and visual inspection but also chemical composition of products has been analyzed by chemically and mechanically. CMM(Co-ordinate Measuring Machine) and X-ray non-destructive testing equipment are also adopted. We acquired ISO9001and strengthen our effort to upgrading our quality control and assurance to serve our product to our customers. Through our activities, It is our pride when if we could have our customers trust and satisfaction.

InspectionAdvanced analysis can be made with state of the art facilities.

Inspection method is differ in each product characteristics. Inspection from many angles has be made to cope with our customer’s requirement. We have been making precise inspection to serve our product in best condition by maintaining quality level and with latest equipment.

CNC gate-type three-dimensional measuring machine

Range of measurement : X1200 x Y2000 x Z1500
Accuracy of measurement : 3.5 + 5L/1000μm
Minimum display : 0.01μm

Horizontal arm-type three-dimensional measuring machine
Horizontal arm CMM

Range of measurement : X1480 x Y2150 x Z1500
Guarantee accuracy : 40μm
Minimum display : 10μm

Articulated three-dimensional measuring tester

Range of measurement : 3.7m (12 feet)
Fixed point repeatability
Measurement accuracy (between 2 points) : ±91μm

Precision stone surface plate

Size : 1500 x 2000mm
Grade : 00 class (5μm)

Large test assessment board

Size : 3000 x 3000
Size : 1500 x 2000
size : 1500 x 3000

X-ray inspection apparatus (equipment)

Output voltage : 40 to 320kv
Inspection size : 500 x 1500 x 800H
Penetration capability : Iron 60mm

Digital ultrasonic inspection detector

Ultrasonic non-destructive inspection device
Type : UI25 (JSDN featured)


Fluorescent x-ray analyzer

Analyzer for measuring each element content of individual test pieces

Atomic absorption spectrometer

Quantitative analysis by absorbing specific wave of atomized solution dissolved by acid


By measuring penetrated irradiated light of color reacted solution dissolved by acid.

Carbon and sulfur analyzer

Burning drilled chips by high-frequency heating and analyzing quantitatively for oxide out of carbon and Sulphur by infrared -absorbing method.

Chemical analysis pre-treatment facility

Pre-treatment facility before chemical analysis of cutting chip in dissolved in acid.