R&D Equipment

Induction melting furnace for new alloy development 50kg and 20kg

Mainly used for development of new alloy, melting volume 15 to 30kgs./melt

Siliconit heat treatment furnace

Heating up to 1300℃

Tubular heat treatment furnace for new alloy development

5 test conditions can be selected simultaneously

Scanning electron microscope(SEM)

・High-magnification observation
・EDX analysis

3D laser microscope

Observation magnification up to 3000 times
Vertical resolution : 1nm

Optical microscope with monitor

Observation magnification up to 500 times


Observation magnification1 : 20 to 200 times
Observation magnification2 : 100 to 1000 times

Thermal expansion measuring instrument

DIL-402C x 1 unit (The minimum resolution : 0.125nm)
TD5000 x 4 units (The minimum resolution : 2.5nm)

Magnetic measuring instrument

For hysteresis loop measurements of magnetic material

FFT analyzer

Young’s modulus by resonance method can be made

Precision polishing experiment apparatus

For development of Sn lapping plate

Thermo-Calc (Phase diagram calculation software) for new alloy development

・Thermo-Calc(software to calculate phase diagrams)
・New item for development of alloy

1000KN Universal testing machine

・Tensile test at high temperature up to 1200℃
・Yield strength measurement

300J Charpy impact test machine

300J Charpy impact test

Micro Vickers hardness tester

Used for analysis of hardness distribution from material surface to inside analysis.

Rockwell hardness tester

Hardness check after heat treatment test.